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Our Carapace Rooftop Tent (RTT) is fabricated overseas.  We tried out multiple manufacturers and decided that our time would be better spent fabricating trailers.  We designed it to be a flexible solution to mount on a trailer or roof.  At 8” when closed, it is a great size to not add a lot of height to your vehicle, but add storage and a great tent.  Constructed of all Aluminum, we focused our efforts on strength and light weight.  The tent has a rail all the way around the upper and lower portions of the clam shell for mounting accessories. 

Our trailers are compatible with any RTT, However, we offer a very significant discount when you pair our Carapace RTT with your new trailer.

The Carapace RTT is 84”x 57” closed.  It can accommodate a 6’6” person uncomfortably.



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